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Exclusive 100% Arabica coffee beans of Premium quality from the high-mountain Sumatran plantations. The coffee beverages made of the Sumatran beans possess a distinct, lush aroma, a rich body with a slightly syrupy aftertaste of dark chocolate. A great afternoon coffee! Roast – strong.

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Additional information
Name Sumatra
Region (plantation) Sumatra
Variety Arabica
Processing method Mitrā lobīšana
Roasting date 10.2020
Flavour Izteikts, spēcīgs aromāts, bagātīga konsistence, tumšās šokolādes pēcgarša.
Recommended preparation methods
Storage In dry, dark and cool place
Original packaging 2.30 kg
Importer Roasted in the USA on special order by SIA "Santini Coffee".
Address: Ģertrūdes ielā 13, Rīgā, LV-1011