About us

SIA "Santini Coffee" offers to businesses, state and municipal institutions, restaurants, individuals and any devotee of fine taste an assortment of Premium quality Arabica coffee beans from plantations across the globe, carefully selected teas and sweets, corporate and individual gifts, as well as professional coffee machines with a full maintenance service.

The brand “Santini Coffee” ('AT CAESAR'S') has not only been cherished, nursed and immensely loved, but also supplemented with understanding of the current philosophy of relishing beverages, their tastes and flavours. The company's objective is to promote the development of the culture of use of coffee and tea in Latvia by providing businesses, state and municipal institutions, restaurants and cafes, as well as individuals with exquisite and ecological products of Premium quality.

Let coffee, tea and sweets worthy of Caesar give you a reason for a moment of respite worthy of memories!

Pie Cēzara

About tea

The origins of the tea drinking culture date back to more than two thousand years before Christ in the far Asia. Nowadays, the tea drinking culture has developed and found its way to the West, becoming a key part of daily life. In order to fully relish a tea, every nuance matters – from the plantation where it is grown and the way how it is reaped and processed to the art of its preparation and use.

About coffee

Coffee is more than a morning beverage. Coffee gives energy, power and liveliness. Brings enjoyment. Provides atmosphere. It is an integral part of daily life and a festive ritual at the same time. A coffee of outstanding quality possesses a unique flavour, fragrance and taste.

In order for a coffee to be of high quality, every detail matters in the process of its making, from growing and reaping to roasting and taking to devotees of great coffee. Caesar's coffee is a quality product because every bean holds the freshness and power of a coffee just roasted. The coffee beans used in the roasting process are grown and reaped from plantations of such regions as Colombia, Sumatra, Kenya, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Africa, America, Bali, Brazil, Hawaii, Pacific Islands, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Guatemala, Caicedonia, Cauca valley etc.

Whether coffee is poured over in a cup or prepared in a turka, in a French kettle or otherwise, SIA "Santini Coffee" will grind the beans in a professional manner.

About Jura coffee machines

The JURA coffee machines of Swiss quality will not only make a perfect coffee, espresso or ristretto, but also coffee drinks with milk, such as cappuccino, cafe latte, latte macchiato etc.

The JURA coffee machines are set apart from others by an outstanding flavour, perfect taste and consistent quality of the beverage in your cup. You get an elegant and compact design, a convenient control through text displays in multiple languages, the possibility to use either beans or ground coffee, an easily comprehensible and handy use, cleaning and maintenance of the appliance, a well-whisked and lasting milk froth, the adaptation of coffee drinks to preselected cups and habits of use, an adjustable strength and quantity of coffee (even in the midst of preparation) etc.

The JURA coffee machines are among the world's best! SIA "Santini Coffee" will provide a full maintenance, a top-notch guarantee and post-guarantee service, including free advice.

About gifts

A classic gift, like any other classic, has been a prominent and constant value for centuries, as people have trusted in proven and established values and strived for the best. A gift is way of delighting and surprising one's closest and most beloved on a festive or routine occasion, but it can also be a way of saying thanks, making an impression, or promoting a partnership. SIA "Santini Coffee" provides a professional gift service, wrapping each gift with care and particular attention.

We offer personalisation of gifts by overprinting, with the customer able to choose the type of gift, content, quantity the colour of packaging and ribbon and to add personalised cards. Thus you will surprise the recipient and make them feel special.

About accessories

When it comes to having an aromatic and delicious coffee or tea, a quality coffee or tea is just half of success. The other half is about how and wherein the coffee or tea is prepared and served.

SIA "Santini Coffee" will enable you to enjoy the best coffee and tea from special and exquisite receptacles. By using only professional accessories designed for a proper preparation and relishing of coffee and tea, you will not only conjure up an atmosphere, but also preserve the coffee and tea traditions.